The Story Behind the Story, #2

Welcome to the second installment of “The Story Behind the Story” wherein WITS writers-in-residence reveal the mysteries behind the amazing writing in this year’s anthology. This morning, Eli Hastings is here to introduce Issac Pearson of Garfield High School:

“Issac Pearson was one of a handful of students in my 10th grade classroom for whom focus and respect came naturally.  While hollers and thrown objects filled the air around me and I tried to get the packed classroom settled down, he’d always be poised over his journal, looking annoyed at the cacophony around him, often hushing his classmates.  As such, the genesis for this lesson plan was not Issac, but his peers.  I sat them down at a round table one day and asked them to earnestly, genuinely, critically, write about why (in the name of GOD!) they were so wild.  I got a lot of interesting responses.  I expected something from Issac both excoriating his classmates and, as usual, of the highest quality.  I was only correct about the latter part.  His sociopolitical engagement and simple thoughtfulness is typical of his impressive poetic work.”


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