Word is that the anthology is fully printed and on its way to us at this very moment! While it’s rumbling on a truck somewhere, enjoy this poem by Alex Morrison of Roosevelt High School, introduced by poet and writer-in-residence Emily Bedard.

Alex wrote “Weatherman” on a day when we were reading poetry by Martin Espada and writing monologues in the voices of people who are often largely voiceless in our world. Lots of students wrote about bus drivers or store clerks or custodians — folks who provide important services but are seldom spoken to meaningfully. It took Alex’s particular brand of insight and invention, not to mention his wry but sensitive style of humor, to see that even someone projected across the land on TV can feel invisible. I especially love the undertone of helplessness in the final version of the poem — it feels like a truly authentic outlook from someone who spends his time thinking about the incredible power and merciless indifference of the weather.


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