Winners of the WITS ‘The Future’ Poetry Contest!

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of our second WITS Poetry Contest! Students were asked to submit a poem about ‘the future’, inspired by Al Gore’s upcoming talk on his new book, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. Baylee Bonagofsky won the contest with her poem “Memories”. Millie Jones, Kiya Smith, Maggie Garetson, and Nathaniel Faustino were finalists. Read their outstanding poetry below!


Baylee Bonagofsky

Children’s Hospital

Age 16


When I hear the bang of the bat making perfect connection with the ball,
I remember a time of no pain, where the only thing that mattered
was getting the win.
And I wonder if I will ever be able to step in the batter’s box
and face another pitcher.
And I wish more than anything that I will.
When I smell the grease of the freshly-cooked ballpark burgers,
I remember all the quick meals between games
that would leave you ready for the next.
And I wonder if I will ever taste a burger like I did
after a long game.
And I wish more than anything that I will.
When I see a girl walking around in tightly-fit baseball pants,
I remember the busy schedules and early mornings.
And I wonder if I will ever go to bed knowing the next day is a game day.
And I wish more than anything that I will.
When I taste the salt from sunflower seeds,
I remember the millions of bags of seeds bought throughout the years.
And I wonder if I will ever add another bag of seeds to the collection
piled in my bat bag.
And I wish more than anything that I will.
When I feel the thick red stitching of the ball,
I remember the countless hours playing catch.
And I wonder if I will ever feel the ball entering my mitt again.
And I wish more than anything that I will.


Millie Jones

Nathan Hale High School

Grade 9

I Am in the Dark

I am the space in-between the spaces,
The spaces where heads are rested,
A skinny mess,
Only just louder and more obnoxious than you.
Recording all and everything you said,
Typewriters and tempers and just till you realize,
You are no better,
No better than it all.
I broke a bone once,
And it cracked,
Cracked like thunder,
You are that thunder and I am the aftermath, 
The burned leaves and the silence.
So give me a moment,
To wallow in the silence,
Before you decide that you’re right.
I am my Mothers laugh,
You told me that,
But I’m more like you really,
I’m more like your fire and your fingers as they stroke your hair.
So don’t go,
Don’t go just yet,
I want to tell you everything I don’t want to tell you.
If I could ever make you happy,
Tell me,
Tell me twice,
I’d like to hear that.
Forget about leaving spaces,
Fill the page,
I mean,
You’re a writer right?
I scream that I’m the sunset,
Centre of the universe,
Of all of it.
Really though,
I’m dusty dusk,
You are the sun set,
All your energy and vigour depleting.
I’m not so big,
I’m kind of small,
But I’d build you house,
If you’d give me a door.
So give me a door ,
Give me a window,
An escape.
I am almost dark,
You are almost light,
You’d never admit it though,
Would you ?

Kiya Smith

McClure Middle School

Grade 6

The Future

Flying cars and homes
So much technology like
Robot dogs and cats

Maggie Garetson

McClure Middle School

Grade 6

The Future

The future holds the unimaginable
with flying houses
and unicorns for cars.
The future holds everyone’s sadness
so all that is left on Earth
is happiness.
What the future contains
is more than you can bear.
The world will be full of laughter
happiness and joy, in the air.

Nathaniel Faustino

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Age 11

A Recipe for a Calm Day

1 weekend
1 shining sun
2 cups of candy
1 TV
1 bed
The sound of robins chirping
No hospital

3 Responses to “Winners of the WITS ‘The Future’ Poetry Contest!”

  1. Great Job Nathaniel! Love the voice in your writing!

  2. Nathaniel, I love your poem! It’s what poetry is all about ~ getting the “feeling” out there using a minimal amount of words. Fantastic job ~ proud of you!!

  3. Rowena Snaer Says:

    Love your poem! Ping (Nathaniel)

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