“The Lake” by Mariah McHenry

The finalist for our poetry contest was Mariah McHenry with her poem “The Lake.” A 12th Grade Student, Mariah worked with WITS at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Something we really admired about this poem was the imagery of the lake and how it moves from outside of the poet to within. 


The Lake


Through my window I could see the Lake,

it was a deep blue with gold specs of sunlight on the surface,

the wind made it dance and sway.

Through my window I could see the Lake,

I could see the freedom of it’s movements

and it’s power.

I could see the leisurely way it carried boats on its surf,

and the peace spread throughout it.


My last day in the hospital, I looked through my window,

and I saw the Lake.

Now I could see hope.


Walking out of the hospital, I could feel the Lake in me.

I could feel the specs of sunlight on my face,

I could feel the wind dancing around me,

I could feel the power of resilience within me,

and I felt free.



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