Dancing in September

by Erin Langner

This week we welcomed our new WITS Program Associate, Erin Langner!  Learn more about her below. 


September is one of the best months for immersing yourself in a sense of newness. The many years we spend starting school in this month prime us, with their polished aisles of lockers standing at the ready for the stories and the revelations, the let-downs and the highlights that will appear among the graffiti, the piles of books, and the floating scraps of paper about to cloud and clutter their surfaces.

Image from discover design.org.

Image from discover design.org.

While an adult’s September newness might fall more along the lines of the fashions that build the famously oversized September issue of Vogue magazine, or the striking coolness of Seattle evenings after sunset, this year, I feel lucky: I get to experience the full schooldays effect. While I am not exactly going back to school, this week, I began as the new WITS Program Associate, which, really, is just as good.

Image from racked.com.

Image from racked.com.

As someone who spent the last year writing essays on my own, it is hard not to try to imagine the new people and stories that working with WITS will ensure come my way—the writers-in-residence; the students’ words that will fill the pages of this year’s readings, chapbooks and anthologies; special guest authors; and all of the teachers involved. While I don’t get a locker with my new things, the idea of sometimes walking by them on my way to work is more than enough inspiration for me.


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